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Product description


Naturally brighten & exfoliate skin with this professional grade two-in-one face mask & exfoliating facial scrub utilizing Licorice Root Extract, Mulberry & Kojic Acid. Vitamins & Minerals including Vitamin E + D + Magnesium nourish skin & provide anti-oxidant benefits for healthier, softer & more youthful looking skin. Our natural face scrub removes daily build-up & helps gently polish away damaged skin, blackheads, dark spots and acne scars. A safer alternative to microdermabrasion, chemical peels & laser treatments - no machine required.


Leave on to use as a facial mask to balance your skin tone, reduce fine lines & wrinkles & age spots. Nourish your skin with vitamins & minerals to restore & protect your complexion. Or gently massage lightly paying special attention to areas with enlarged pores or blackheads for a deep pore cleansing exfoliating treatment that won’t cause dryness.


Our exfoliating beads are 100% natural made from rice bran wax so they won’t harm the environment. Loved & Trusted by Skin Care Spa Professionals Since 1980. Made in the U.S.A. Family Owned & Operated. Developed by World Renown Esthetician Featured in Vogue, Lydia Sarfati. Purify, clarify & resurface your skin in just 60 seconds! Treat yourself to some speedy pampering with the best Exfoliating Face Scrub & Brightening Facial Mask to treat blemishes, blackheads & age spots. Order the Repechage One-Minute Exfoliating Mask Today.

Repechage One Minute Exfoliating Mask

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